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You are 9x more likely to have a temporary disability than to have your car stolen or hijacked in SA. Most people don’t think twice about insuring their car, but few consider protecting the income that makes paying for it possible. The likelihood of at least one injury or illness during your lifetime is higher than you think, with potentially devastating financial consequences. 7/10 PEOPLE WILL HAVE AT LEAST 1 INJURY OR ILLNESS DURING THEIR WORKING LIVES )

INCOME PROTECTION, including the Critical Illness Income benefit, payable from day 30, potentially paying a loss of income claim till age 60 for a 35-year-old female (non-smoker), earning R40 000 pm will cost around R480 pm

2018 VW Polo, worth R250 000, insurance premium will cost around R900 per month,

That is approximately 2 x the cost of insuring your life income which is worth over R40 MILLION!

This product ensures that you can pay all your monthly costs, bond, insurances, school fees etc for as long as it takes to recover and be fit for work.

Contact Natasha on or 0114761016 for more information.